Autobleem v0.9.0 and Retroboot v1.1 Released

Autobleem v0.9.0 and Retroboot v1.1

The Autobleem team has just released a new version of their flagship program, Autobleem is indeed going into v0.9.0 and comes with Retroboot 1.1.
First of all, thanks:

madmonkey - for great help in building the kernel and initialization scripts
DanTheMan - for its help with Bluetooth support and for its BlueTool
genderbent - for everything related to RetroArch, EmulationStation and game ports
KMFDManic - for retroarch cores and test support

Here are the main new features:

AutoBleem now has its own Linux kernel for the Playstation Classic! The new AutoBleem kernel integrates support for OTG, RNDIS, easy configuration of WiFI and automatic connection at startup (all Linux drivers), Ethernet (all Linux drivers), NTFS and exFat, and experimental support for Bluetooth .

The new kernel is easy to flash, the kernel of your PSC will be backed up first, if you have the BleemSync 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 or Project Eris kernel installed on your PSC, you must first use Bleemsync or Project Eris to restore your console in its initial state.

See the separate document AB_0.9.0_Kernel_Installation.txt for instructions.

Great innovations have been brought by this version on Wifi, date and time management, and bluetooth.

Feel free to read the full details on each of the posts here.

Download: Autobleem 0.9.0 and Retroboot 1.1 Mega / Onedrive / Googledrive

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