CaptureSight v0.6.0 Released

CaptureSight v0.6.0

zaksabeast has released a new version of CaptureSight, which is a Nintendo Switch homebrew to view Pokemon Sword and Shield data while playing Sword and Shield. CaptureSight comes as both an overlay and an applet.


   View Pokemon species, attacks, IVs, etc. for
  •        Wild Pokemon
  •        In-Trade Pokemon
  •        Raid Pokemon
  •        Party Pokemon
  •        Box Pokemon
   View all Active Dens
  •        Current seed for Raid RNG
  •        The number of advances until a Shiny Pokemon
  •        Species of a den
  •        Shiny type of a den (star or square)
  •        Stars of a den
   Find the raid seed that created a Pokemon
  •        Join a trade or raid with a person who doesn't have custom firmware and use CaptureSight to get their raid seed

  •        View upcoming IVs for any den or Pokemon raid seed
   Since CaptureSight can show the next shiny frame, upcoming IVs, and seed that created a Pokemon, no external tools are needed for Raid RNG
  •        With raid and trade views, anyone without custom firmware only needs to know someone with custom firmware to do Raid RNG
   The Applet has translations for multiple langues based on the Switch language setting
  •        English
  •        Chinese
  •        French
  •        Italian


How do I use CaptureSight?

To use the applet:

1.  Download the latest
2.  Unzip the archive to get CaptureSight.nro
3.  Copy CaptureSight.nro to be inside the /switch directory on your switch's SD card
4.  Start Pokemon Sword or Shield
5.  Open the homebrew menu and launch CaptureSight

To use the overlay:

1.  Setup WerWolv's Tesla
2.  Download the latest
3.  Unzip the archive to get CaptureSight.ovl
4.  Copy CaptureSight.ovl to be inside the /switch/.overlays directory on your switch's SD card
5.  Start Pokemon Sword or Shield
6.  Press the key combo to open Tesla Menu (L + Dpad Down + R joystick as of this writing)
7.  Open CaptureSight with Tesla


Thanks to the following for helping make this app:
  •  Switchbrew for their research and libnx which makes it possible to create homebrew
  •  ReSwitched for their research, Atmosphere and libstratosphere which is invaluable for switch homebrew
  •  Kaphotics, SciresM, and all contributors of PKHeX and pkNX which have resource including Pokemon icons, i18n for Pokemon, and great documentation
  •  imneme for their cpp xoroshiro gist which is used in CaptureSight
  •  nlohmann for their c++ JSON library
  •  XorTroll for Plutonium
  •  WerWolv for libtesla and EdiZon's isServiceRunning code
  •  Flagbrew for PKSM which gave guidance for c++ Pokemon code organization
  •  RichardPaulAstley for French translations
  •  Leanny, Admiral Fish, wwwwwwzx, Kaphotics, and Vladcik for helping look into raid RNG
  •  Leanny and Kaphotics for the PKHeX Raid Plugin, which CaptureSight borrows raid logic from
  • All Pokemon researchers and contributors


*   Applet: German translations (Thanks Leanny!)
*   Applet: Ability filter (1, 2, H) for Raid Settings
*   Applet: Den and nest selector for Raid Settings
*   Applet: Show type match ups (i.e. 2x weak to Grass, 0.5 resistant to Water)
*   Applet: Alternate form sprites and types (enjoy Alolan and Galarian forms! - Thanks PKHeX!)
*   Overlay: Animated "Calculating" message when calculating raid seed (Thanks ulucs!)
*   Overlay: Show abilities on Pokemon summary screen


*   Both: Fix off by one error when finding raid species
*   Overlay: Fix viewing event raids when the console uses certain languages
*   Overlay: Update libtesla (Thanks to WerWolv and contributors - they did a great job on this!)
*   Overlay: Max raid advance search for overlay is 5,000 due to memory constraints (applet is still 10,000)


# Added

*   Applet: Animated "Calculating" message when calculating raid seed (thanks [@ulucs]!)
*   Applet: Shiny Pokemon sprites for Pokemon and Den screens (thanks [@ulucs]!)
*   Applet: Italian translations (thanks [@Real96]!)
*   Applet: Navigate to the previous screen by pressing "B" (previously navigated to the main screen)
*   Applet: Shiny and flawless IV filters for raid searches (you can now see multiple shiny advances!)
*   Overlay: Show all dens in overlay


*   Applet: Improve Pokemon summary screen design (inspired by Pokemon Home)
*   Applet: Show "Empty" for invalid and empty Pokemon instead of "Error"
*   Overlay: Update libtesla (fixes CaptureSight-Overlay working with latest Tesla)
*   Overlay: Finding Pokemon raid seeds has changed from pressing "A" on the Pokemon summary screen to pressing "Y" when hovering over a Pokemon in a Pokemon list
*   Both: Show 10K+ for advances over 9999 in the Den viewer
*   Both: Match den Ids with RaidFinder and PKHeX raid plugin
*   Both: Rename "Frame" to "Advance"



*   Overlay: The game no longer freezes when calculating a Pokemon's raid seed (Thanks [@ulucs]!)
*   Overlay: Den species is shown for each den on the den view
*   Applet: Exit the app with the plus button (+) on the warning screen
*   Applet: "Event" is shown beside event dens on the den view
*   Show shiny raid type (square or star) in the den and raid searcher views
*   Event Pokemon are read from memory (Thanks [@Leanny] for [the awesome Raid Plugin reference]
    *   No need to update to see the latest events
    *   Edited events should display properly

# Updated

*   Applet: The den view no longer shows seeds
    *   Seeds can still be found in the Raid Searcher view
    *   Showing the seed on the den view had no value since CFW users can use the Raid Searcher to find spreads
*   Show "10K+" instead of "9999" when a shiny frame is higher than "9999" on the raid search screen
*   Small code cleanliness changes

# Fixed

*   Overlay: Pokemon egg cycles now display properly
*   A Pokemon with a shiny frame higher than "9999" doesn't show "0" anymore
*   Certain seeds that would fail to be calculated from a Pokemon will now be found (Thanks to SergeiLankoff#3699 on the /r/PokemonMaxRaids discord for collecting data to fix this)
Download: CaptureSight v0.6.0

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