Cemu v1.18.0 Released

Cemu v1.18.0

ExZap also thinks of all those who are locked up at home, and offers version 1.18.0 of Cemu to the general public.

This is version b of v1.18.0 which brings corrections and optimizations, and the addition of a quick start wizard for users who would discover Cemu.

Note that this new version makes Cemuhook obsolete, fixes performance issues with Vulkan with an Nvidia and Intel graphics card, and adds native motion support for gyroscope controllers.

Changelog 1.18.0:

- Addition of DSU client support as input API (Cemuhook motion provider protocol)
- Addition of a quick start assistant for new users
- Improvements to the debugger format and fixes
- Optimizations for titles that use dynamic code generation 
    # Cemu detailed changelog for 1.18.0b
    # Patreon release date: 2020-03-27
    # Public release date: 2020-04-04
    # New in 1.18.0b:
    general: Updated language files
    CPU / JIT: Added proper icache invalidation and allow recompilation of dynamic code
             This improves performance in titles which use runtime code generation (e.g. VC64 or webkit based titles)
    Vulkan: Added support for texture format A1_B5_G5_R5 (commonly used by VC64 titles)
    OpenGL: Added support for primitive LINE_LOOP
    coreinit: Fixed a potential deadlock which could occur after OSCancelThread () was called
    # New in 1.18.0:
    input: Added native support for DSU client (Cemuhook motion provider protocol)
           Configurable as a separate input API in input settings
    input: Added motion support when Wiimotes are used as input API for GamePad
    input: Added motion support when using DSU client for emulated Wiimotes
    general: Added quick start assistant for new users
             Opens on first launch but can also be accessed via the help menu
    debugger: Various smaller tweaks for better readability of disassembled instructions
    debugger / patches: Added more PPC instructions to the assembler and disassembler (# 288)
                      New: mulli, mullw, mulhw, mulhwu, divw, divwu, beqlr, bgtlr, bgelr, bltlr, blelr, bnelr
                      New simplified mnemonics: extlwi, extwri, slwi, srwi, clrlwi, clrrwi, sub
    Vulkan: Fixed an issue where stencil clear could also unintentionally clear depth (fixes some issues caused by Nvidia driver 445.75)
    Vulkan: Added alternative code path for when R4G4 textures are not supported (fixes crashes on Intel GPUs)
    (#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See http://bugs.cemu.info/projects/cemu/
Download: Cemu 1.18.0

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