Custom Firmware FERROX COBRA 4.86 v1.00 Released

Custom Firmware FERROX COBRA 4.86 v1.00

Alexander and the CyberModding guys released the Cobra version of the CFW Ferrox 4.86 a few hours ago.

  •     Built on the basis of the OFW 4.86 S * NY.
  •     PSN / SEN Enabled.
  •     Ability to Update from any CFW (CEX).
  •     Ability to Update from OFW 3.55 and original Firmware 4.86 [with PS3Xploit - compatible consoles only]
  •     Possibility of Downgrade from any CFW with active QA Flags.
  •     QA Flags active if previously enabled.
  •     FEATURE - COBRA Patches added 8.20
  •     FEATURE - New optional look of the XMB (See FERROX Mod Installer below).
  •     FEATURE - PS2 Games Compatibility.
  •     FEATURE - Compatibility PSP games in ISO / Minis / Remaster format.
  •     FEATURE - Compatibility with the latest version of ReactPSN.
  •     FEATURE - RSOD Screen Bypass for Console affected by RSOD.
  •     FEATURE - Keys 4.86 to start games signed with keys 4.86
  •     FEATURE - App_home / PS3_GAME.
  •     FEATURE - XMB In-Game Screenshot - find the option in the Photos column of the XMB In-Game.
  •     FEATURE - Remote Play support.
  •     FEATURE - Integrated Package Manager, replaces the classic Install Package Files.
  •     FEATURE - Added display of Temperatures in XMB In-Game on PS2 Games. Thanks to 3141card.
  •     PATCH - LV1: Patched to remove LV2 Protection.
  •     PATCH - LV1: CoreOS Hash Check patched to prevent Brick on non-dehashed Downgradate Consoles.
  •     PATCH - LV1: Peek & Poke.
  •     PATCH - LV2: Peek & Poke.
  •     PATCH - PS3 BT Remote Patch.
  •     PATCH - PS3 BluRay Disc Patch.
  •     PATCH - Disabled Epilepsy Message on Boot.
  •     PATCH - CINAVIA Protection Completely disabled.


With the COBRA 8.20 it is possible to block the Homebrews you want. It is a safety measure in simple terms, as starting Homebrew while connected to the PSN is highly risky for the Ban. It is possible to choose to block only some Homebrews, or even all, as it is a procedure to be done manually by choosing which Apps to block.

On PC create a text file. Rename the text file like this: blacklist.cfg
You will be asked whether to continue as you will also change the file extension. Click on YES.
Open the file with Notepad or any text editor.
Well, here you will have to enter the TitleID of the Homebrew you want to block. One for each row. How do you get the TitleID of your Homebrew? But of course.
Go to the dev_hdd0 / game / directory of your PS3. Here you will find the list of Apps and Games installed in the Console. Look for the TitleIDs of the Homebrews, some are evident as for example for ManaGunz its TitleID is MANAGUNZ0. For other apps, however, it is different, in that it has been assigned a TitleID of an existing Game to make them appear Stealth in the eyes of the SONY. So how do you do it? Enter the directory, inside you will find an ICON0.PNG file. Open it directly from the PS3. That file is the main image of the Game or the App, therefore from its Image you understand if it is a Game and your Homebrew.
Transcribe the TitleIDs of the Apps you want inside the blacklist.cfg file, one for each line.
Now save and copy the file into the directory: dev_hdd0 / tmp / HERE !!
It is also possible to create the whitelist.cfg file, useful if you want to do tests. It works the same way as blacklisting.

Downloads: 4.86 FERROX COBRA

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