Daedalusx64 3DS v0.0.1 Released

Daedalusx64 3DS v0.0.1

masterfeizz has released DaedalusX64 3DS, which is a port of the Sony PlayStation Vita fork of the original Sony PSP release of this Nintendo 64 emulator for your homebrew enabled Nintendo 3ds/2ds portable video gaming console. Unlike the PSP version that works this one does not allow you to play games without glitches or at an acceptable speed. DaedalusX64 3DS is simply a Proof of Concept that hopefully will be improved upon, but knowing masterfeizz I doubt that will happen any time soon (by him at least).

Extract contents to the root of the SD card.
Place ROMS inside "sdmc:/3ds/DaedalusX64/Roms"
Use the select button to exit the emulator.

kreationz, salvy6735, Corn, Chilly Willy: Original DaedalusX64 code
Wally: Optimizations, improvements and ports
z2442: Compilation improvements and updating, optimizations
mrneo240: Optimizations, compilation help
TheMrIron2: Optimizations, wiki maintenance

Initial Proof of Concept (POC) Release
Download: Daedalusx64 3DS v0.0.1

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