DS4Windows v2.0.16 Released

DS4Windows v2.0.16

Ryochan7 has just put online version 2.0.16 of DS4Windows an hour ago, a utility that allows you to use your Dual Shock 4 via the emulation of an Xbox 360 controller.

DS4Windows makes it possible to take advantage of your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, the software indeed makes it possible to serve as an effective interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, project which was here ds4windows.com.

To take advantage of it you will need to connect the micro-USB cable, but it is however possible to take advantage of wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 or higher adapters.

Changelog v2.0.16:

- Rebuilding of outputs for radial sticks
- Doubling the length of the SocketAsyncEventArgs buffer in the UDP server (now 80)
- Added a semaphore to the UDP server class to control the SocketAsyncEventArgs instances used
- Modification of the access flags used during the inventory of controllers
- Increased HID deactivation time when attempting exclusive access (100 ms now)
- Added download of DS4Updater update and version check
- Suppression of the DS4Updater copy routine when DS4Windows starts. - Modification of responsibility at the end of the DS4Updater script
- Addition of the rounding to the controls of the profile editor of the dead zone of LS and RS
- Now download the number of the last updated version from the online repository
- Reduced confusion by minimizing the taskbar / console tray. SteelShot contribution
- Version 1.4.2 of DS4Updater
Download: DS4Windows v2.0.16

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