dumpling v1.0.1 Released

dumpling v1.0.1

emiyl has released a new version of dumpling, which is a simple homebrew enabled Wii U file dumper, developed with the intent of making Cemu set-up faster and easier. Dumpling allows you extract contents of games, including internal ones, plus DLC and other data to removable storage in a format that is compatible with the Nintendo Wii U emulator cemu.

What's New?
Quote: emiyl

This release adds the option to dump specific games, rather than just dumping all of them.

When you dump a game, it'll grab the game, update, DLC and save file for the game if they exist. When you initially load the menu, it'll take a while to fetch the metadata for each game but afterwards it won't need to do that again until you reload the app.

This version also includes a lot of minor fixes and improvements, specifically to how the app handles dumping from USB storage.

v1.0.1 fixes a typo in v1.0.

*   Dumps files needed for Cemu online play
    *   You must dump `otp.bin` and `seeprom.bin` separately with wiiu-nanddumper
*   Dumps the Friends List app for use in Cemu
*   Create region-free decrypted game disc dumps
*   Dumps digital games, updates and DLC from the system or USB storage
*   Dumps game saves from the system or USB storage
*   Dumps the entire decrypted nand
    *   This can take up to 2 hours on a 32GB Wii U if all storage is used up



Dumpling uses iosuhax and requires MochaCFW to run, and won't work without it. You can probably use a fw.img with iosuhax as well, but I haven't tested that and it's easier to use Mocha.

To install, simply download the dumpling .zip file from the releases page, and extract it to the root of your SD card.


* dimok789 for ft2sd
* dimok789 and FIX94 for FTPiiU Everywhere
* shepgoba, rw-r-r-0644, luigoalma, vgmoose and Pysis for helping me with the project
* chrissie, Crementif and CrafterPika for testing

Download: dumpling v1.0.1

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