Dungeons of Daggorath 3DS v0.8 Released

Dungeons of Daggorath 3DS v0.8

pyroticinsanity has released a new version of Dungeons of Daggorath 3DS, which is a homebrew game port of the PSP port of the Linux version of the game. Dungeons of Daggorath is one of the first real-time, first-person perspective role-playing video games. It was produced by DynaMicro for the TRS-80 Color Computer in 1982. This game is a significant plot point in the novel Ready Player One, but does not appear in its film adaptation.

What's New?


*  Support Stereoscopic View
*  Creates a CIA build
*  Saving No Longer Takes a Long Time
*  Buttons Are Changed to Be More Intuitive

Bugs Fixed:

*  The Save File Date Isn't Showing Up
*  Keyboard Characters Don't Show Up on Level 2


- I learned a fair bit by analyzing the OpenTyrian 3DS port. Thanks nop90!
- Richard Hunerlach for the original port to OpenGL and SDL. Source has been preserved here if you want to see the original: https://github.com/gondur/dungeons-of-daggorath

Based off of Daggorath PC-Port
Version 0.3
By Richard Hunerlach
May 16, 2003

Other contributors:
Dan Gendreau: Graphics, sound, and cheat enhancements
Tim Lindner: WAV files
Michael Spencer: Discussion Forum Host
Louis Jordan: Inspirer of the 'Adventure Survivors'
Sputnik: Additional enhancements & bug fixes

DOWNLOAD: Dungeons of Daggorath 3DS v0.8

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