Hakchi2 CE 3.8.0 Released

Hakchi2 CE 3.8.0

Almost 3 months after the previous version, here is the Team Shinkansen offers us to discover the v3.8.0 of Hakchi2 CE.

As a reminder, Hakchi2 CE integrates all the modifications made by the various communities with in particular numerous functionalities, bug fixes and optimizations based on Hakchi2 originally initiated by the Russian ClusterM.

DanTheMan827 has brought with this new version general corrections, on the management of Dual Shock 3 and 4, but also on the Megadrive Mini freshly supported.

New Features:

    [ALL] Add more controller mappings
    [ALL] Add right click menu to game artwork with paste
    [ALL] Allow right drag/drop onto game artwork to set image
    [ALL] Automatic stable hakchi hmod update download
    [ALL] Game metadata and art scraper
    [ALL] Hash and copy all related files when importing .cue, .gdi, or .m3u files
    [ALL] New design for the main window
    [ALL] New options to easily add or remove prefixes from game titles
    [BLUETOOTH] Support for DualShock3 and DualShock4 with automatic pairing over USB
    [BLUETOOTH] Update included BlueZ module to 5.54
    [SEGA] Add Racing / Sports, Fighting, and Action / Shooting genres
    [SEGA] Preliminary theme support
    [SEGA] Improve game compatibility with internal emulator
    [SEGA] Update TheWez1981's artwork
    [SEGA] Update stock SEGA game information
    [TRANSLATION] Arabic (Thanks AluCarD!)

Bug Fixes:

    [ALL] Fix image max width in mod readmes
    [ALL] Show select cover dialog if multiple files match in the art folder
    [BLUETOOTH] Fix Bluetooth menu not updating when device trust status changes
    [SEGA] Fix incorrect icon path in desktop file for SEGA game export
    [SEGA] UI now shows correct player count, genre, and description

Other Changes:

    [ALL] Include license information in the about window
    [ALL] Switch to XML deserializer for snescarts.xml instead of manual parsing and update cover image URLs
    [SEGA] Add MOON-mass-moon-es1-v0.8.1-1080US-e0c1975 hash

Special Thanks to Our Testers!
  •     AluCarD
  •     DR1001
  •     FireStriker
  •     JW Pepper
  •     KMFDManic
  •     MagnusRC
  •     Nar!
  •     Patton Plays
  •     Ropen
  •     TheWez1981
  •     Yellow and Blank 1965
  •     bslenul
  •     game cleaner
  •     joltron
  •     luigy23
  •     nava™‼
  •     xboxiso
Download: Hakchi2 CE 3.8.0

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