hekate - CTCaer mod & Nyx v5.1.4 & v0.8.7 Released

hekate - CTCaer mod & Nyx v5.1.4 & v0.8.7

CTCaer has released a new version of hekate - CTCaer mod & Nyx, which is a custom Nintendo Switch bootloader (also known as a 'payload') which allows you to boot into Linux, patch the official firmware to allow homebrew execution and includes functionality to backup and restore various aspects of the console (including the NAND flash) and mange emuMMC installations along with external payload booting all from an interactive touch responsive GUI. Hekate or another payload is required for use with the Fusee Gelee exploit and is usually injected via an external dongle, smart device or computer.

If you're upgrading for the firmware 10.0.0 support make sure to grab the latest version of the Atmosphere CFW that was also released today.

What's New

---Hekate v5.1.4

-  HOS 10.0.0 support
-  Added Empty Battery screen on boot
    This will show an empty battery icon if voltage is pretty low.
    It will power off after 15s if NOT charging. It continues boot after reaching enough charge.
    It can be bypassed with VOL- & VOL+. For more, read [5f142b4].
    (Previously, if battery was less than 2800mV, the console wouldn't react - black screen - to a rcm injection.)
-  Fixed an issue where if sept folder was missing, hekate could not write itself there.
-  Some bug fixes


-  HOS 10.0.0 support
    Based on m4xw/emuMMC@b168ddf

---Nyx v0.8.7

-  Fixed an issue with LvGL that was making Nyx hang and corrupt text
-  Added touch panel HW testing, before allowing forced calibration
    The touch IC fw has a bug that allows calibration to happen when the panel is defected.
    That will eventually happen from HOS though when a touch fw gets updated...
-  Dump pkg1/2 tool now supports HOS 10.0.0
-  Add touchscreen initialization retries in case it fails.
-  Some bug fixes


hekate   (C) 2018 naehrwert, st4rk
CTCaer mod (C) 2018 CTCaer.

Thanks to: derrek, nedwill, plutoo, shuffle2, smea, thexyz, yellows8.
Greetings to: fincs, hexkyz, SciresM, Shiny Quagsire, WinterMute.

Open source and free packages used:
 - FatFs R0.13a, Copyright (C) 2017, ChaN
 - bcl-1.2.0, Copyright (C) 2003-2006, Marcus Geelnard
 - Atmosphère (SE sha256, prc id kernel patches), Copyright (C) 2018, Atmosphère-NX
 - elfload, Copyright (C) 2014 Owen Shepherd, Copyright (C) 2018 M4xw

Download: hekate - CTCaer mod & Nyx v5.1.4 & v0.8.7

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