Hekate Kosmos Patches v15.4 Released

Hekate Kosmos Patches v15.4

Joonie released a new version of Hekate Kosmos patches overnight, as you know Joonie from Team Rebug offers in addition to these CFW PS3, the Hekate Bootloader mod which includes ACID patches inside, which allow to increase compatibility with different homebrew applications.

It is essentially the same application developed by the developer CTCaer, with the addition of ACID patches, these allow you to install and run everything on your console, even corrupt NSP and XCI files that could format the SD card.

Changelog 04/10/2020
- Support updated for Kosmos 15.4 and Tinfoil 8+ (Kosmos_patches_04_10_2020_bootconfig_tinfoilv8 + .zip).
- Removal of the cal0 su ams_mitm.kip protection (in Atmosphere v0.10.5) so that Tinfoil v8 + works with Kosmos.
- Updated support for Kosmos 15.4 and Tinfoil 8+ (Kosmos_patches_04_10_2020_bootconfig_tinfoilv8 + .zip)
- Cal0 protection removed on ams_mitm.kip included (AMS 0.10.5) so that Tinfoil v8 + works with Kosmos
Download: Hekate Kosmos Patches v15.4

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