hid-mitm-plus PLUS 0.1 Alpha Released

hid-mitm-plus PLUS 0.1 Alpha

hid-mitm-plus is a fork of hid-mitm to allow users to benefit from their Nintendo Switch via Parsec or Steam Remote Play.

hid-mitm-plus is therefore a sysmodule which is a fork of hid-mitm originally proposed by jakibaki and which allows to use up to 4 controllers (and in the future 8) on a Nintendo Switch from a PC using the network. The goal is to enable to allow the use of gamepads from the Nintendo Switch through services such as Parsec or Steam Remote Play Together.

Given the youth of the program, it is still considered by its author to be in WIP (Work-in-progress), it is only a pre-release on which many optimizations must be brought and many tests still need to be operated on.

The necessary :

- Atmosphere (ReiNX and SX OS have not been tested)
- hid-mitm-plus pre-release (https://github.com/PaskaPinishkes/hid-mitm-plus/releases/tag/PLUS-0.1-ALPHA)
- Python 3
- If you want to use a streaming service such as Parsec, you will need one or the other:
a) a capture card such as Elgato HD60 S or Pro
b) SysDVR
Implementation / Instructions:

- Extract the zip file and copy the "atmosphere" folder to your microSD card
- Insert the microSD card into your Nintendo Switch and turn it on
- Go to Settings> Internet and write down the IP address somewhere, you will need it
- Open the command prompt and go to the folder where you extracted the pre-version of hid-mitm-plus
- Execution of "py -3 -m pip install inputs".
- Execute "python3 input_pc.py [IP ADDRESS]", replacing [IP ADDRESS] by the IP address which appears in the Internet settings of your Switch
- If you have a controller connected, the Switch should now detect it!

Download: hid-mitm-plus PLUS 0.1 Alpha

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