irisMAN v4.86 Released

irisMAN v4.86

Aldo Vargas has released a new update of irisMAN compatible with the various CFW 3.41 to 4.86. irisMAN is an Iris Manager fork of the Estwald developer with many features and fully open-source the second most used backup manager after multiMAN.

  •     Extended support to several CFWs up to version 4.86.
  •     Payload Sk1e modified to use syscall 38 instead of syscall 8, to avoid conflicts with Cobra / MAMBA and legacy applications that use syscall 8.
  •     Remapped XMB / multiMAN-style buttons.
  •     Added support for PSP games.
  •     Support retro games added (RetroArch must be installed).
  •     Direct start of multimedia files (Requires SHOWTIME.SELF from multiMAN).
  •     Various GUI modes with modifications (type XMB, coverflow with a larger image, grid mode from 3 × 2 to 8 × 6)
  •     Added option to filter game lists by category, device and name.
  •     Supports background images from PIC0 and ICON0.
  •     Supports MP3 as background music and play from File Manager.
  •     Various optimizations for File Manager and Hex editor.
  •     External Mamba payload files.
  •     Support for IDPS and PSID spoofing.
  •     Access to the internet browser
  •     Various changes to the GUI.
  •     Various changes to sm_monitor (aka controller fan).
  •     ISO builder speed improvement.
  •     Code style reformatted.
    Updated MAMBA to version 8.3 of aldostools
    Added detection of FW 4.86
    MOVIAN updated to version 5.0.700 of deank
    Fixed issue with loading the IRISMAN black screen if the webMAN was running in non-Cobra mode

Download: irisMAN v4.86

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