JC-color-swapper v1.2 Released

JC-color-swapper v1.2

HamletDuFromage has recently released JC-color-swapper, which is a Nintendo Switch homebrew application that allows you to to change the color of the Joy-Con controllers. It comes bundled with default themes but you can easily add your own. HamletDuFromage has updated the application a few times since it's original release.


Copy the `JC-color-swapper` directory to `sdmc:/switch` 
--Add custom themes

You can add custom themes by editing `profiles.json`. You can add new entries and modify existing ones, just make sure that you're using the same formatting (hexadecimal values of length 6). 
--Creating custom themes

Use my webpage to generate new profiles and add them to profiles.json : https://hamletdufromage.github.io/JCpicker.html
Press [L] to backup a profile, [R] to restore it

Added pages in the main screen to support a larger amount of color profiles.

Basically the Switch wants BGR and I fed it RGB. It's fixed now.
Download: JC-color-swapper v1.2

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