Joycon Toolbox v0.2 Released

Joycon Toolbox v0.2

CompSciOrBust has recently released Joycon Toolbox, which is a homebrew application that will allow you to change the color that the Switch uses when dealing with displaying your joycon on the screen. It will allow you to can set the colors of the docked joycons to anything in the config file. When changing the joycon's colors you may need to undock and then redock the joycons for the colors to take effect.

What's New?

* This release is a rewrite that adds config support. Check the read me file for controls and a link to my discord server if you need help.


Config file

The config file is located at sdmc:/config/JCTB.cfg

The format is

Config entry name
Left body colour
Left button colour
Right body colour
Right button colour

All of the colours should be in RGB hexadecimal format.

Thanks to @Jonhy for creating most of what is in the included config.
The included config supports most of the official colours but note that in Japan the left and right joycons have their colours flipped to what they are in the rest of the world.


D-pad up / down - change the selected colour set.
A - Apply the current colour set to the joycons.
Plus - Exit the app.


CompSciOrBust (me) for doing all the programming.
@skullkeeper94 for helping with testing.
@cathery for helping me fix an annoying issue.
@Jonhy for helping with testing and with the included config file.
Daniel C#7205 on discord for helping with testing.
hax4dayz#9645 on discord for helping with testing.
AtlasNX dev chat help with this and other projects.

Changelog v0.2
This rewrite adds support for a config file and improves error messages.

Download: Joycon Toolbox v0.2

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