KH3SaveEditor v1.10.1 supports Final Fantasy VII Remake Released

KH3SaveEditor 1.10.1 supports Final Fantasy VII Remake

Luciano Ciccariello has released an update for his Kingdom Save Editor Windows based application. Using the Kingdom Save Editor you can edit save games for various Kingdom Hearts games on consoles including the PS2, PS3 and PS4. This new version now includes support for editing Final Fantasy VII Remake saves and one of the cool things you can do with it is assign Red XIII as a playable character.

For those unaware, it was confirmed last month by Final Fantasy 7 Remake co-director, Naoki Hamaguchi to VG247 that Red XIII would not be playable, but instead be a guest party member.  This meant that he would be able to aid you in combat during certain sections, however, the player would not be able to take control of him as the other members. This, of course, disappointed many as Red XIII in the original release had controllable functions and could be swapped into the party freely when he was available.

So it should come to no surprise that modders were able to get him working, though this was ... [continue reading]
Changelog v1.10.1
This update is a big improvement to the support of Final Fantasy VII REMAKE.
  •     Item list now automatically updates from internet
  •     Teleport locations list now automatically updates from internet
  •     BGM name list now automatically updates from internet
  •     Use the correct Chapter names
  •     Add Chapter Change and Playable Character modifiers
  •     Allow to change Armor materia
  •     Add a disclaimer for the Character stats page
  •     Fix a bug where some values were not written after saving
  •     Fix typo from Emtpy to Empty
  •     Improved start-up time when loading a FF7R save
  •     Performance improvements when switching from/to Advance Mode
  •     Optimize space usage for some tabs
  •     Minor formatting improvements to Chapter's tab
  •     Memorize the last opened tab
  •     Automatically move the focus on the current chapter in play
  •     Add icons
  •     Add keyboard shortcuts (CTRL+S to save, CTRL+O to open a file, CTRL+Alt+S to save as a new file)
Download: KH3SaveEditor v1.10.1

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