Kosmos Updater v3.1.0 Released

Kosmos Updater v3.1.0

Team AtlasNX has just released a new version of Kosmos Updater, which is now available in v3.1.0.

As a reminder, Kosmos Updater is an application that allows you to update the team's Custom Firmware, Kosmos, to the latest version available (formerly SDFilesSwitch) on the Nintendo Switch console, and it greatly simplifies operations. Indeed, Kosmos Updater will take care of keeping the files that you intend to install and delete, while adding a special 'tag' for the files that you do not want to update. It is thus the guarantor of your security and your configuration.

Changelog v3.1.0:
- Now use the GitHub API instead of relying on the Kosmos update server.
Download: Kosmos Updater v3.1.0

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