Kosmos v15.5 Released

Kosmos v15.5

Team AtlasNX has just released Kosmos v15.5, Kosmos, formerly SDFiles Switch, is the benchmark in this field, it is regularly updated to support the latest developments in hack and hack on Nintendo Switch and the team behind its support proves it once again.

This version 15.5 is called Samurai 45, it brings the support of firmware 10.0.0 and the latest innovations of the Switch scene, except the sigpatch which are always absent subscribers.

Changelog v15.5 - Samurai 45
- Kosmos update
- Kosmos Updater now relies on the Github API instead of the Kosmos Updater server
- Updated atmosphere
- Support for firmware 10.0.0
- Erpt reimplementation (error reports)
- Other improvements
- Hekate update
- Adding an empty battery screen
- Fixed some bugs
- Lockpick_RCM update
- Update of the NX-OVLLoader
- Tesla menu update
- EdiZon overlay update
- Update of sys-ftpd-light

and especially :

General system stability improvements to improve the user experience.

Kosmos v15.5 integrates:

  Atmosphere - 0.11.1
  Hekate - v5.1.4
  Homebrew App Store - hbas-2.2
  EdiZon - snapshot
  Emuiibo - 0.4
  Goldleaf - 0.8
  Kosmos Toolbox - v4.0.0
  Kosmos Updater - v3.1.0
  ldn_mitm - v1.3.3
  Lockpick - v1.2.6
  Lockpick_RCM - v1.8.2
  nxdumptool - v1.1.9
  nx-ovlloader - v1.0.4
  ovlSysModules - v1.2.0
  Status Monitor Overlay - 0.5.1
  sys-clk - 0.13.0
  sys-con - v0.5.3
  sys-ftpd-light - 1.0.2
  Tesla-Menu - v1.1.3

Download: Kosmos v15.5

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