libnx v3.1.0 Released

libnx v3.1.0

switchbrew has released a new version of libnx, which is a library used to aid in the development of homebrew on Nintendo Switch consoles. It's compatible with devkitPro's devkitA64.

What's New?
## system

*  Deleted the old and deprecated IPC system.
*  Added wrappers for all missing system calls.
*  Corrected signatures of many system calls.
*  Removed `arm/atomics.h` (use C `[stdatomic.h]` or C++ `[atomic]` instead).
*  Removed `U64_MAX` define (use `UINT64_MAX` instead).
*  Added UtilFloat3 struct.

## applet

*  Fixed `__nx_applet_exit_mode` handling.
*  `apm` is now only used/initialized for `AppletType_Application`.
*  Simplified `appletGetAppletResourceUserId` to return the aruid directly, or 0 on "failure" (which is not really a failure condition).
*  Changed `appletSetFocusHandlingMode` to return error if the applet type is not `AppletType_Application`.
*  Added more fields to `SwkbdType` enum.

## filesystem

*  RomFS code now properly supports reading to uncached buffers.
*  Added fsdev commands: fsdevMountDeviceSaveData, fsdevMountBcatSaveData, fsdevMountSystemBcatSaveData, fsdevMountTemporaryStorage, fsdevMountCacheStorage, fsdevMountSaveDataReadOnly.
*  Added commands: fsOpenImageDirectoryFileSystem, fsOpenReadOnlySaveDataFileSystem, fsIsSignedSystemPartitionOnSdCardValid, fsOpen_DeviceSaveData, fsOpen_BcatSaveData, fsOpen_SystemBcatSaveData, fsOpen_TemporaryStorage, fsOpen_CacheStorage, fsOpen_SaveDataReadOnly.
*  Added enum: FsImageDirectoryId.
*  Removed path stack copy logic from fsFsQueryEntry.

## graphics

*  Removed bqDetachBuffer calls from nwindowReleaseBuffers as it does nothing in the place it's called.
*  Fixed nvFence/nvGpu/nvMap to use service guard instead of unsafe reference counting.

## hid

*  Fixed vibration handling.
*  Added Ring-Con™ support.
*  Added hidbus service wrappers.
*  Added commands: hidSetSixAxisSensorFusionParameters, hidGetSixAxisSensorFusionParameters, hidResetSixAxisSensorFusionParameters, hidSetGyroscopeZeroDriftMode, hidGetGyroscopeZeroDriftMode, hidResetGyroscopeZeroDriftMode.
*  Majorly overhauled irs service support (infrared camera), with support for features introduced in later system versions.
*  Added enum: HidGyroscopeZeroDriftMode.
*  Corrected internal console six-axis sensor initialization function to actually use the right command.
*  Corrected values of `JOYSTICK_MIN` and `JOYSTICK_MAX`.

## other services

*  Added apm command: apmGetPerformanceMode.
*  Added caps:a service wrappers.
*  Added caps:c service wrappers.
*  Added caps:dc service wrappers.
*  Added fan service wrappers.
*  Added many missing lbl commands.
*  Added nifm commands: nifmGetClientId (with corresponding NifmClientId struct), nifmIsAnyInternetRequestAccepted.
*  Added nim service wrappers (only nimListSystemUpdateTask/nimDestroySystemUpdateTask for now).
*  Majorly overhauled ns service support, with countless commands and structures.
*  Added set:cal service wrappers.
*  Completed and corrected all set:sys commands.
*  Added tc service wrappers.
*  Actually expose ldrShellFlushArguments, ldrDmntFlushArguments, spl*GetServiceSession.
*  Corrected minimum sysver for setsysGetHomeMenuScheme.
*  Corrected minimum sysver for nsListApplicationContentMetaStatus.
*  Fixed splSslLoadSecureExpModKey/ splEsLoadSecureExpModKey/ splRsaDecryptPrivateKey/ splSslLoadSecureExpModKey/ splEsLoadRsaOaepKey/ splEsLoadSecureExpModKey/ splFsLoadSecureExpModKey on 5.0+.
*  Fixed plInitialize failure handling.
*  Removed non-existent fsldrSetCurrentProcess.

## miscellaneous

*  Changed timezone support code to always report `NX` as the timezone name, fixing certain issues.
*  Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.
Download: libnx v3.1.0

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