libtesla v1.3.2 Released

libtesla v1.3.2

WerWolv has released a new version of libtesla, which is a user library for creating onscreen overlays that can be displayed during game play on homebrew Nintendo Switch consoles. libtesla is the interface between the Tesla overlay loader and user-made Overlays. It handles all layer creation, UI creation, drawing and input management. It's main goal is to make sure all overlays look and feel similar and don't differentiate themselves from the switch's native overlays.

What's New?

-  Fix compatibility with 10.0.0, please recompile your overlay with this
    -  libtesla now uses pl:s instead of pl:u for loading fonts to prevent using up qlaunch's or overlaydisp's pl:u session.
-  Fixed joy sticks not working as expected in detached mode. Thanks to [@nastys]
-  Fix track bar touch calling it's callback repeatedly. Thanks to [@HookedBehemoth] for this and the following things!
-  Added screenshot combo which can capture overlays! It can be enabled in the config file (requires 10.0.0+)
-  Make list item texts scroll smoothly
-  Added ability to add, insert and remove elements into/from from lists
-  More cleanup


-   switchbrew for nx-hbloader which is used as basis for overlay loading
-   kardch for the amazing icon
-   All the devs on AtlasNX, RetroNX and Switchbrew for their feedback
-   All overlay devs for making something awesome out of this :)

Download: libtesla v1.3.2

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