LowMemMode plugin v1.1 Released

LowMemMode plugin v1.1

There are a variety of plugins for PSVITA (95 are available on Autoplugin), all to improve our beloved portable console.Today a new plugin is added thanks to the developer GrapheneCt who has released the second version of LowMemMode. The LowMemMode plugin allows you to start other applications in LOWPHYMEM mode while the game with "enlarged memory" (+ 29MiB and + 77MiB) is in the background. An example is to launch settings, Trophies, the various system apps without closing our favorite game / app.


  •      Download the latest version of Autoplugin and install the LowMemMode plugin
  •      Download the plugin from here
  •      Place the suprx file in the uxo: tai folder
  •      Edit the config.txt file in the tai folder by adding under the string * main ux0: tai / LowMemMode.suprx

Download: LowMemMode.suprx
github : LowMemMode

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