NO$GBA v3.01 Released

NO$GBA v3.01

Martin Korth has released a new version of his NO$GBA emulator. NO$GBA emulates the Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi and Martin is currently in the process of adding Nintendo 3ds support. NO$GBA is written in pure ASM meaning it's super fast and the built in debugging functionality for creating your own homebrew is the best the scene has to offer.

Quote: Martin Korth

I am working on debugging tools and hardware references for old computers and video consoles since 1990's. Some of my bigger (and more popular) references are:

gbatek.htm - gba, nds, dsi reference
psx-spx.htm - psx reference
fullsnes.htm - snes reference

All projects are accompanied by no$xxx debuggers, allowing to develop and test homebrew software on PCs. All of my software is fully written in assembler language - a dying art, which isn't valued too much nowadays, although people are still crediting my software as insanely fast on some occassions.

Apart from those I do also like working on less popular systems once and then, I do particulary like the 8bit ZX81 for it's neat black and white graphics (it was also the first computer I had seen as a child, when I was still believing that computers were laser armed robots).

My projects can be downloaded on my homepage,

Your support will allow me to continue my work. I am making no promises which projects I'll be working on next, but I hope that I've contributed a few useful things in the past 20 years, and hope to release more similar stuff in future.
Changelog v3.01
* 3ds/help: added info on arm11/arm9 bootrom 3DS Exception Vectors

* 3ds/help: added info on bootrom key generator for AES key slots

* 3ds/help: added more notes/questions on still needed unknown gpu things

* 3ds/help: more gpu notes from 3dbrew (but isn't yet understood what they mean)

* 3ds/help: ntrcard on arm11 side: triggers cdma 01h, and interrupt 44h

* 3ds/help: clarified gamecard insert/pwroff irqs on arm9 and arm11 sides

* 3ds/help: info on starting/stopping arm11 cpu1 and cpu2/3 cores

* 3ds/help: details: pad irq 5Bh, memory enable for 08100000h and 1F000000h

* 3ds/help: added specs for Level 2 Cache (L2C) registers and cache irq 76h

* 3ds/help: added specs for AXI bus matrix registers (mostly readonly)

* 3ds/help: added specs ARM7 aka GBA config registers (and guess on gba footer)

* 3ds/help: added specs for LGYFB gba/nds framebuffer converters (thanks sono)

* 3ds/help: added specs for RGB-to-RGBA converter (L2B) (new3ds mvd related)

* 3ds/help: added specs for YUV-to-RGBA converter (Y2R) (camera related)

* 3ds/help: added many details for CTRCARD registers/seed/protocol

* dsi/help: added SCFG_CARD_xxx_DELAY specs, better cart power on/off sequences

* 3ds/help: added chapter with 3DS Console IDs and ID0/ID1 folder names

* 3ds/help: added mcu reflashing specs via uart cable on tool0 pin

* 3ds/help: renamed mcu looping-queue-stack-nonsense to battery-backed-ram

* 3ds/help: added details on mcu i2c-slave devices (fuel gauge and powerman/tsc)

* 3ds/help: rev-engineered RSA and SHA register details

* 3ds/help: fixed weird IPC_SYNC aka PXI_SYNC description

* 3ds/help: added specs for VFP vector-floating-point opcodes/registers

* 3ds/help: added tsc page 64h/65h/67h/FBh register info (thanks profi200)

* gba/bios: fixed multiboot-upload crash upon too many slaves or too much data

* dsi/debug: debugmsg window displays TSC page number alongsides with TSC index

* a22i/arm: bugfixed shortform for MOV Rd,shift (other than ALU Rd,Rx,shift)

* a22i/float: added data directives .float16/24/32/64/80

* a22i/dis: fixed corelink dma reladdr for loops (unsigned, target=$-offset)

* 3ds/disass: bugfixed RL78 short addr, and "[SFR+1]" for MSBs of SFRs

* 3ds/debug: added RL78 assembler for MCU code (and RL78 opcode list in help)

* 3ds/debug: added assembler/disassembler for VFP floating point opcodes

* 3ds/debug: added assembler/disassembler for CDMA/XDMA corelink dma opcodes
Download: NO$GBA v3.01

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