ns-usbloader 2.2 Released

ns-usbloader 2.2

developersu has just updated NS-USBloader, remember that NS-USBloader is responsible for replacing the python script of Tinfoil, and which is proposed in java to be launched under Windows, Linux and MacOS, NS-Usbloader is a program installation NSP Adubbz / TinFoil (version 0.2.1; USB and network) and GoldLeaf (USB) on the PC side with graphical interface and cookies.

This version updates the Italian language file, reduces the number of messages in the log and fixes an interesting bug where the "Select a file" button no longer worked if a folder with the same name (including the extension) qu 'a PSN, was deleted / moved and a PSN with that name was moved to this location instead.
Changelog 2.2:
- Italian translation was updated by unbranched
- Correction of bug n ° 54
- Reduction of the number of messages in the newspaper sections.

Download: ns-usbloader 2.2

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