NX-Shell v3.01 (beta) Released

NX-Shell v3.01 (beta)

Joel16 has released a new version of NX-Shell, which is a multipurpose file manager for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch hybrid video gaming console. NX-Shell allows you to browse the contents of your micro sd card. v3.00 (beta) seems to be a reworking of the homebrew with some basic features implemented, but many of the v2.00 series features are missing.

What's New?
Quote: Joel16

Please delete the imgui.ini file before running this version, it will be regenerated with the accurate window size. This should fix the weird window issue introduced in the last release.

This build is currently in beta to gather feedback and improve the current codebase. A lot of NX-Shell's old features and functionalities are missing in this version. Some features may be deprecated entirely, and new ones may be introduced.

v3.00 features

-   Delete files and folders.
-   Copy/Move files and folders.
-   Rename files and folders (standard switch keyboard).
-   Create files and folders (standard switch keyboard).
-   Displays file properties such as size, time created, modified and accessed.
-   Sorting options (Sort by name, date, size).
-   Set archive bit.

v2.00 Features

    Book Reader: Update mupdf sub-module with latest changes and fix generated font objects.
    Book Reader: Added landscape page layout.
    Book Reader: Load/save last opened book page.
    Add fast scrolling using left/right stick.
    Image viewer: Auto-scale images depending on their height.
    Book Reader: Improve book reader controls (Left stick to move page location and right stick to zoom in/out).
    Image viewer: Zoom using right stick.
    Book Reader: Only use dark background when dark theme is enabled.
    Music Player: Continue playing next audio file if directory is not empty.
    Book Reader: R/L keys to switch multiple pages (10).
    Display battery percent and charging status on status bar.
    Music Player: Add lock functionality to prevent using next/previous buttons. (Use the plus button to toggle this)
    Use L/R to navigate the cursor in OSK.


This is a pretty important release. If you're updating this from an older version, it is recommended to delete your /switch/NX-Shell/ folder before you install this update. This is the last version where you'll have to do this. Future updates will automatically handle this.

-   Preetisketch for some of the assets used as well as the banner.
-   NicholeMattera for the implementing the foundation of all touch-screen code.
-   grimfang4 for the original SDL_FontCache headers.
-   theMealena for CVE_gif*.

Download: NX-Shell v3.01 (beta)

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