NXCord v0.4.1 Released

NXCord v0.4.1

Grarak has released a new version of NXCord, which is an unofficial Discord client for homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch consoles. According to the TOS for Discord unofficial 3rd party clients are prohibited, so you'll most likely get banned for using this (just like what happened to 3DS users). It would be more practical to run Ubuntu and load up Discord, you know, so you can keep your account.

What's New?

- Upgrade http version to 1.1 to fix requests to discord


-- Installation and usage

Download the latest build from [Releases](https://github.com/Grarak/NXCord/releases). Extract it to the root of your sdcard you use for your switch. You do need to reboot your system, otherwise the sysmodule won't start running. After rebooting you can open NXCord in homebrew menu and you will see a login screen, if it's your first time using it.

--Using a bot

Since selfbotting is not allowed, I'd recommend you to use a bot. If you don't know how to do it, just follow these [simple steps](https://github.com/reactiflux/discord-irc/wiki/Creating-a-discord-bot-&-getting-a-token). After copying the token and inviting the bot to your desired discord server, create a file named `/config/nxcord/nxcord.ini` and put your token there. For example your first line in the file should be `token=[your token]`. You need to restart your switch after modifying that file.


Selfbotting means that you are using a third party client to access discord with an user account. It's against the TOS of discord, thus not recommended. I've been using an user account for testing for months already and haven't been banned yet. Might be safe, but I am not responsible for any bans!

--Limitations and bugs

Because this whole application is actually running in the background as a custom sysmodule, there are memory restrictions. Discord is a memory hog, thus you will hit the memory limit of Atmosphere rather quickly. Even the login process alone, can take up to 20MiB. Fetching channel information of big discord servers will probably crash your switch. So if you ever see the sysmodule crashed screen, you will have to use a different account/bot. I'd recommend you to only join one or two not so busy servers.

If you don't really care about the sysmodule aspect of this project you can also use the [standalone client](https://github.com/Grarak/NXCord/actions) version. It won't run in the background and you can use a discord account as big as you like.

Also right now a lot of features are missing. Head over to [projects](https://github.com/Grarak/NXCord/projects) to see what possible features are planned for the future.


The switch itself doesn't have any external microphones, so you do need to plug in headphones/earbuds to actually utilise speaking.

--Tesla overlay

Right now there are two bugs.

-   When you open NXCord in the overlay menu, the overlay itself will disappear. Just reopen it.
-   Voice channel won't refresh by itself when participants join or leave. Press B and reopen to manually refresh.

Download: NXCord v0.4.1

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