NxNandManager v4.0 Beta Released

NxNandManager v4.0 Beta

Eliboa has just released version 4.0 Beta of NxNandManager for Nintendo Switch users.

As a reminder, this tool is a command line utility (and a graphical interface) for Windows 7 and 10, the main purpose of which is to copy the contents of Nintendo Switch (complete NAND or a specific partition) to / from a file or a physical reader.

This new version offers a new user interface, new "advanced" copy functions (zeros, split output, zip output ...), but also the new "Emunand Creation Tool" (GUI only) which allows you to create easily an emuNAND file or a raw emuNAND on a micro SD card.

You must open a valid RAWNAND or FULL NAND image before you can launch the tool from the Options menu.

With this v4.0 Beta, you can now choose to open any emuMMC partition, in the case of several emuMMC on the same micro SD card (Open Drive, CTRL + D) and the developer has also made many corrections and improvements.

Download: NxNandManager v4.0 Beta

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