PPSSPP UltraWide Patches for 21:9 Monitor's In The Wild

PPSSPP UltraWide Patches for 21:9 Monitor's In The Wild

mowamowi has really been busy at creating UltraWide Screen Patches for original Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) games. These patches come in a simple form of cheat codes and are for use using the popular and widely distributed PPSSPP Sony PSP emulator. While playing PSP games using PPSSPP with upscaled textures really does make the games shine now you can use your wide screen displays to your advantage to get an additional graphics boost using these codes.
Quote: mowamowi

Yeaay I got it, Some UltraWide Patch for 21:9 Phone/Monitor

I've searched for 21:9 patches on PSP Games but couldn't find anywhere, but thanks to This and This and This Post, and a little bit luck I finnaly can create the patches by myself... Big Grin

Im not a Programmer neither a Hacker but the step was simple,

1) Run CheatEngine, PPSSPP and load the Games
2) Once there's a 3D Scene of the game, pause it and Dump The Memory (Debug-Memory view-Dump only available on PC/Mac version)
3) Back to Cheat Engine Open the Dump File and Search in the Dumped memory a refferences to the PSP Aspect Ratio (480x272) which is 3FE1E1E2 in hex
4) Be Patient because sometimes the search resulting in multiple address, gotta try and error to find the correct addres Big Grin
5) Try it one by one and replace the value with 21:9 Aspect Ratio which is 4017B426
6) Check the PPSSPP if the screen is changing , keep doing it until you find the right address


I haven't tested thoroughly if it's causing glitch,bug or performance hit but i've played Gods of War so far so good, and doesn't causing Culling or Clipping and Boy, this is looks awesome on my 21:9 phones Big Grin
Here are some of the Games and Codes that I've found

God of War Chain of Olympus
_L 0x2003D6714 4017B426

God of War Ghost of Sparta UCUS98737
_L 0x2004EDF24 4017B426

Daxter UCUS98618
_L 0x2005AA3A0 4017B426

G-Force ULUS10439
_L 0x200226870 4017B426

Tenchu Shadow Assassins ULUS10419
_L 0x200226870 4017B426

The 3rd Birthday ULUS10567
_L 0x2004B0840 4017B426

Final Fantasy Type-0 NPJH50443
_L 0x20040729C 4017B426

Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier UCUS98634
_L 0x2017018C8 4017B426

Secret Agent Clank UCUS98697
_L 0x2008B16F4 4017B426

Phineas and Ferb Accross 2nd Dimension NPUG98775
_L 0x200573168 4017B426

Marvel Ultimate Alliance ULUS10167
_L 0x200600F48 4017B426
_L 0x20063B274 4017B426
_L 0x20063B278 4017B426

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 ULUS10421
_L 0x2006D19D8 4017B426
_L 0x2006D19DC 4017B426

MotoGP ULUS10153
_L 0x200FACC14 4017B426

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver NPJB40001
_L 0x20174E1D8 4017B426

Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive ULUS10571
_L 0x200398194 4017B426

Need for Speed Shift ULUS10462 [Cheat RefreshRate must set lower, i.e 24]
_L 0x2006645C4 4017B426

Burnout Dominator ULUS10236
_L 0x2005442E4 4017B426 [Cheat RefreshRate must set lower, i.e 24]

Tales of The World Radiant Mythology ULUS10271
_L 0x20051D79C 4017B426
_L 0x2003B6094 4017B426
_L 0x2003BC3D8 4017B426
this one make separate address for mainmenu, exploration and battle Aspect Ratio

The Fast and The Furious ULUS10198
_L 0x20033538C 4017B426

Ultimate Ghosts'n Goblins ULUS10105
_L 0x20057B340 4017B426

Undead Knights ULUS10453
_L 0x20174D7B0 4017B426

White Knight Chronicles : Origins UCES01511
_L 0x200F209E0 4017B426

Ys Seven ULUS10551
_L 0x200D772A4 4017B426

Ys: The Ark of Napishtim ULUS10051
_L 0x20030A8B0 4017B426

Ys: The Oath in Felghana ULUS10558
_L 0x2001EB28C 4017B426 [kinda zoomed in though]

Some games I find it work but need further works
-using some sort of dynamic address or something like that [Search and modify via CheatEngine works, but keep changing address when its reload]
Wipeout Pure
Virtua Tennis World Tour
Steambot Chronicles: Battle Tournament
Ridge Racer

-Zoomed in/truncated
Tekken Dark Resurection
Prince of Persia Forgotten Sands
X-Men Legends

-Causing Culling/Clipping
The Simpson Game

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