PS3 Toolset v1.0.22 Released

PS3 Toolset v1.0.22

bguerville has released PS3 Toolset, which by bguerville is a set of tools for developers and end users of Sony PlayStation 3 consoles. The PS3 Toolset works by using it's own web based exploit so you don't need to be running CFW or HEN for it to work. Although, to get full functionality out of the tool you need to be using a console that supports CFW.


* A Memory Editing Tool
* This tool is primarily aimed towards developers as it allows you to view and edit memory contents of loaded sprx module segments, 2 VSH segments and the browser memory container
* A Flash Memory Manager Tool
* This includes both flashing and dumping functionality with the former only being available on CFW-capable consoles

PS3 Toolset also allows you to view some important information about your PS3 neatly in one place.

* It is recommended to verify dumps with PyPS3Checker to make sure they’re valid
* This tool also displays some useful information including:
* Firmware Version, VSH Mode, Kernel Mode and information regarding Custom Syscalls
* Whether your system is a NOR/NAND/eMMC machine
* Your IDPS
* The factory installed firmware (minver)
* Displays whether your console is CFW compatible
* ROS 0/1 Hash Checks
* A Logging Tool
* This is used to figure out what’s wrong if any of the tools aren’t working as expected


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