PS4 App Lock v1.00 Released

PS4 App Lock v1.00

Lapy once again proves to us that he is full of resources, once again it is a shame that the PlayStation 4 scene does not move a little more, fortunately that offers him a few tools, and we thank him!

After having created various very useful homebrews, notably PKG Extractor or PS4 Xplorer, and a good dozen games, now he offers an idea of MSZ_MGS, a new utility called PS4 App Lock.

This tool allows you to lock your applications / games to prevent access. You have roommates, children, younger siblings, or anyone else you want to restrict access to your PS4. With this Lapy app, you can create a personalized PIN code and apply it to your games.

Characteristics :

- Create a unique PIN code
- Lock games and apps individually
- Display the PEGI age rankings (by reading the parental control level of the OFDN DefaultDNB idea.)
- Displays blocked messages (When you try to open a blocked application / game, you will see this error message).

Download: PS4 App Lock v1.00

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