RR_RetroReloaded Pro v1.12 Released

RR_RetroReloaded Pro v1.12

RetroGamer74, the Spanish developer, offers a new version of RetroReloaded Pro which now goes to v1.10. RRPro is updated using the "Update" button by overlay (Keep the "Home" button pressed in the Switch).

Version 1.12 does not contain Sigpatches, so you cannot run your games, wait a bit.

Changelog 1.12:
- Atmosphere 0.11.1 supporting firmware 10.0.0 of the Switch.
- Update of RCM Incognito in 0.6.2
- Hekate 5.1.4 and Nyx 0.8.7
- Fixed missing overlay after version 1.08.
Download: RR_RetroReloaded Pro v1.12

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