Swiss v0.5r827 Released

Swiss v0.5r827

Extrems has just put online the first version v0.5r827 of Swiss, this version comes to correct some bugs. The improvements pass on the malfunction of memory slot A.
Changelog Swiss v0.5r827:

- A few too many reports about the Memory Slot A malfunction appear, so here it is.

Cristofercruz changes:
- Updated list view and region icons

Emukidid changes:
- Fixed an analog range issue on scrolling

Extrems changes:
- Correction of the build with version 36 of devkitPPC.
- Correction of the use of Memory Slot A without the presence of a patch device.
- Fixed problem with timer 3-4.
- Preparation for full ID emulation.
- Added basic emulation of disk read speed for GCLoader.
- Audio streaming stopped on IGR.
- Skip ELF duplication of DOL by default.

Download: Swiss v0.5r827

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