Switch Dock Mod Adds Built-In GameCube Controller Ports

Switch Dock Mod Adds Built-In GameCube Controller Ports

Never in my day did I think I'd come to see people discouraging each other in a console modding scene to not break out the soldering iron. Well, scene hardware modder Brock hasn't been affected by this negative energy and he has managed to wire up a Mayflash GameCube Controller Adapter for the Nintendo Switch into the official Nintendo Switch dock. The process involved replacing a crystal oscillator on the adapter's board, cutting the board, soldering a connector between the adapters main board and its controller assembly then mounting it inside of a custom 3D printed controller housing. The end result is pretty impressive.
Quote: Brock

This post details the solution I created to integrate a third party controller adapter into the dock of my Nintendo Switch. I haven't seen any other projects that are this integrated but I would like to acknowledge Rated-e Mods who has made a few videos exploring ways to integrate an adapter with the Switch dock. Those videos got me thinking about how to take things to the next step.
Source: Built By Brock

If you're wondering what discouragement I'm addressing it's the crap coming from scene toddlers who can't work a simple tool like a soldering iron so they hate on people who actually have more than have half a brain cell left and like to mod the heck out of their hardware using hardware mods. It seems these haters will pounce on you and down vote you to oblivion for simply knowing how to work a soldering iron or a dremmel. It's a good thing that people just ignore them and continue to replace their Switch's shell, do mods like this, rig up their joycons to be Jigs or slap internal modchips used for cold booting into their Switch consoles. The haters lose once again (as they always do).

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