sys-clk v0.13.1 Released

sys-clk v0.13.1

The retronx-team have released a new version of sys-clk, which is an plugin (sysmodule) for the Atmosphere Nintendo Switch CFW that allows you overclock and underclock your games based on a per game configuration (which are currently stored in a text file, but plans are to make a homebrew companion app to help with that process).

What's New?
Quote: p-sam

This hotfix update aims to address the shortage of "time" sessions that could trigger fatals from using Homebrew if too many sysmodules were running.


-  Don't keep the time session open (only used at init)
-  Misc changes from the develop branch (libnx compat, etc) that does not affect features

-   Automatic overclock and underclock depending on the running title and docked state
-   Reads presets for titles from the SD card
-   Hot reload allows you to change your preset while the game is running with sys-ftpd
-   Presets database for a quick and easy overclock on popular games


How does it work?

The sysmodule overclocks and underclocks the CPU, GPU and RAM of the console depending on the title currently running and docked state.
When you run a game, sys-clk will read its preset it and automatically overclock (or underclock) the system for you.

All frequencies can be set for both docked and handleld mode, making 6 values per preset :

-   CPU *(capped at 1683MHz)*
-   GPU *(capped at 460MHz without a charger, clocks up to 768MHz require a charger, clocks higher than 768MHz require the official charger)*
-   RAM *(capped at 1600MHz)*

As you can see, we added safety measures and chose the limits to ensure that overclocking cannot damage your console.

How do I use it?

Installation is pretty straightforward - just copy the config and atmosphere folders at the root of your SD card and reboot your console.
The sysmodule will be active and running out of the box.

To create a new preset, just edit /config/sys-clk/config.ini on your SD card and add it following this template:


[Application  Title ID] docked_cpu= docked_gpu= docked_mem= handheld_cpu= handheld_gpu= handheld_mem=

The README contains the frequencies tables as well as examples for Breath of the Wild overclock and Picross underclock.

Note: If you're using ReiNX, you need to rename the atmosphere folder to ReiNX and move out the boot2.flag file next to exefs.nsp

Didn't you mention a presets database?

I sure did! For your convenience, we setup a repository where curated presets and examples can be downloaded. So far, 18 games have been added to the database.
You can find it here: [](

If you want to contribute to the database, just submit a pull request on the repository, or join us on the RetroNX Discord server, channel #oc-perf-submissions

Give me a link already!

Code, releases and more documentation can be found on the GitHub repository here: [](

Planned features

-   Split the config into multiple files (for a drag-and-drop presets installation)
-   A homebrew frontend to manage presets, and database integration to download them directly from the Switch
-   Charging clock profiles

-  At last, thanks to [@CTCaer] for the wonderful artwork!

Download: sys-clk v0.13.1

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