sys-con v0.6.1 Released

sys-con v0.6.1

cathery has released a new version of sys-con, which is a plugin for the Atmosphere CFW for your homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch that will allow you to use various wired third party gamepads / controllers on your Switch. It currently supports wired Xbox 360, Xbox One X/S and Sony PlayStation 3 Dual Shock game pads.


-   Extract the zip file and copy the contents onto your SD card.
-   If you're not using Atmosphere, rename the `atmosphere/` folder with the desired CFW name (`ReiNX/`, `sxos/`).
-   Reboot your Nintendo Switch.

Changelog v0.6.1
*   Fixed an issue that caused version 0.6.0 to always use 100% of CPU core 3
*   The sysmodule will now detect both versions of Dualshock 4 controllers at the same time (thanks p-sam again)
    *   As such, the config option for it has been removed
*   Changed how controller configs work:
    *   Added separate options for both Left trigger deadzone and Right trigger deadzone.
    *   Controller key mapping now supports multimapping, aka mapping multiple keys to the same button.
    *   Additionally, you can also disable a key entirely, by writing `KEY_* = NONE`.
    *   Previously, a line `key_SYNC = LSTICK_CLICK` would make the Sync/Capture button press the Left stick button, and make the Left stick button press the Capture button.
    *   This has been changed, so that this would only modify the Sync/Capture button. The Left stick button would still press the left stick button.
        The syntax has also been changed to `KEY_CAPTURE = LSTICK_CLICK`.
Download: sys-con v0.6.1

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