sys-tune 1.1.2 Released

sys-tune 1.1.2

HookedBehemoth has just released a new version of its audio file player which can be run in the background and controlled from the Tesla menu.

sys-tune is a homebrew Telsa Overlay for Nintendo Switch consoles that will allow you to listen your collection of MP3 files while playing a game. sys-tune features normal functionality such as play, stop, pause, loop, repeat, volume and playlists.

This version 1.1.2 improves the support of Flac, Wav and MP3 but also brings welcome corrections.

Changelog sys-tune 1.1.2
  •     implemented flac and wav support
  •     implement seeking in tracks
  •     mp3's are now fully scanned
  •         this fixed an issue where some songs with varying compression levels showed a wrong total length
  •     switched to audrv/audren
  •         this fixed an issue where sleep worsened audio output quality
  •     now utilizes ams::fs
  •         this reduced memory usage slightly

at devs:
  •     API version bump
  •     files are now mapped with sdmc:/
  •     new call added for seeking
  •     CurrentStats struct changed
Download: sys-tune v1.1.2

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