[Team Xecuter] Preorders SX CORE and SX LITE

Team Xecuter Preorders SX CORE and SX LITE

Team Xecuter has published a press release regarding the availability of their upcoming Nintendo Switch modchips. Currently most Nintendo Switch consoles on the market can't be hacked to run homebrew, but that is about to change. Thanks to Xecuter you can purchase and install their Internal modchips for all Switch models, including the recently released Lite. The modchips include an SX OS license, but are also compatible with Atmosphere and other CFW.

Please keep in mind like most modchips that have been released in the the past for various consoles that these will be coldboot solutions. You will not have to inject a payload using an external device. All you'll have to do to boot into CFW is turn you Switch on. More than likely these chips will boot directly into SX OS and then allow you to chainload payloads from there (just like you can now). However, that last part is speculation and has yet to be confirmed.

The modchips had been delayed due to the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus (COVID-19), but the massive amount of beta testers and the press should receive their samples starting early next week. Hopefully then we can see how complicated the installs are going to be as the chips do require opening the Switch and soldering them onto the internal motherboard. If you don't know how to solder now would be a good time to learn as the softmod community has nothing planned either in public or private that will allow you to run homebrew on the majority of the consoles that are on the market.

Quote: Team Xecuter

First of all, we hope you and your families are safe and healthy during this global pandemic that has hit our civilization hard.

We got many questions about the current status of our new products, and after many hurdles we are excited to announce we will be opening up preorders for our SX Core and SX Lite products starting today.

Just like the SX Pro, the retail price for the SX Core and SX Lite is currently fixed at $45.95 and comes with a free SX OS License (although you are free to not use SX OS, of course).

All distributors and vendors will start taking preorders in the next hours/days. We want to give you this heads up to give everyone an equal opportunity to be among the first to receive their retail copy of the next generation of Team Xecuter's finest products for your beloved Switch consoles!

Those of you who were selected for the private beta (you know who you are!) should get their review units shipped towards the end of next week. After their sanity check and feedback are in we will ramp up production and strive to deliver the retail preorders around the end of April.

That's it for today. Stay tuned for more!
Source: Team-Xecuter.com

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