TegraExplorer v1.5.0 Released

TegraExplorer v1.5.0

suchmememanyskill has released a new TegraExplorer update with the new version 1.5.0.TegraExplorer is a file manager that allows you to navigate the sysnand / sysmmc system partition, copy delete or create files or folders, download the current firmware to SD etc.

  •      Inject the payload with your favorite tool
  •      Navigate the menus using the vol +, vol- and power buttons

  •      Navigate to the SD card
  •      Navigate to the sysnand / sysmmc system partition
  •      Interact with files
  •          Deleting, copying or moving files
  •          Starting payload files
  •          View the hexadecimal data of a file
  •      Interact with folders
  •          Deleting or copying folders
  •      Download the current firmware to sd
  •      Formatting the SD card

     Reworked TegraScript. You can find out more about this new scripting language in the TegraScript repository to find out how to use it and find some predefined scripts
     Reworked the mmc view. Now you will see the whole gpt + boot01. (This makes it easier to interact with gpt partitions)


     Hide errors in scripts
     Give an accurate count of the files at the top right
this version of TegraExplorer works much faster when you have minerva on your SD card. This means that having the hekate 5.1.0+ bootloader folder on your SD cards speeds things up a lot!

Download: TegraExplorer.bin

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