TegraExplorer v1.5.2 Released

TegraExplorer v1.5.2

suchmememanyskill just released a new update to TegraExplorer a few hours ago.

TegraExplorer is payload-based file explorer for your switch. TegraExplorer will allow you to browse the contents of your Switch without having to actually load the Horizon OS. It supports navigating the SD Card along with your sysNAND, can launch other payloads and even allows you to dump your current firmware.

This version 1.5.2 adds new supports, in particular that of boot coreboot.rom, but also many corrections like those on the dumps and restorations of more than 4 Go which caused errors on the percentages.

Changelog v1.5.2 :
  •     The file size display has been altered
  •     coreboot.rom boot support
  •     PKG1ID is shown on pkg1 dump failure
  •     Changes to the TegraScript Language
  •     Partition dumps and restores above 4gb had some trouble keeping track of it's %. This has been fixed. Yes this is kinda pointless as you can't even do this without modifying TE
  •     Merge Lockpick_RCM changes
  •     Reduced file size by changing firmware dumps and save dumps
  •     Screen scrolling (as in, scrolling the entire screen) is now about 10% faster
This release of TegraExplorer runs a lot faster when you have minerva on your sd card. This means that having the bootloader folder of hekate 5.1.0+ on your sd cards speeds things up a lot!
Download: TegraExplorer v1.5.2

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