TextReaderOverlay-NX v1.1 Released

TextReaderOverlay-NX v1.1

diwo has recently released a new version of TextReaderOverlay, which is an overlay for the Nintendo Switch that lets you view text files on top of any foreground application. It is launched with nx-ovlloader and Tesla-Menu. Atmosphere custom firmware is required to run this application.

What's New?
Compatibility with libtesla 1.2.0


1.  Download [nx-ovlloader] and extract it onto your SD card
2.  Download [Tesla-Menu] and extract it onto your SD card
3.  Download [TextReaderOverlay-NX] and extract it onto the root of your SD card
4.  Place `*.txt` files anywhere on your SD card
5.  Press `L + D-Pad-Down + R-Stick` to launch Tesla-Menu after reboot
6.  Select `Text Reader` from the menu

Changelog v1.1
Compatibility with libtesla 1.2.0

Download: TextReaderOverlay-NX v1.1

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