TWiLight Menu++ v14.0.0 Released

TWiLight Menu++ v14.0.0

RocketRobz has released a new version of TWiLight Menu++, which is an open-source DSi Menu upgrade/replacement, and frontend for nds-bootstrap for DSi, and flashcards. TWiLight Menu++ allows you to play supported Nintendo DS homebrew and retail games on the Nintendo 3DS using only your external SD Card (no flashcard is required).

What's new?

-  The Donor ROM setting feature has been re-added to the per-game settings (but only for SDK5 games)!
    Please check the linked nds-bootstrap page to learn more, or what the feature is.
-  PicoDriveTWL has been added as an alternate Genesis/MD emulator option.
    If it's set to "Hybrid", PicoDriveTWL will be used if the ROM is larger than 3MB, or jEnesisDS if the ROM is 3MB or lower.
    PicoDriveTWL can also save!
-  (RetroGameFan) Fixed AP-fixes for *Anpanman to Touch de Waku Waku Training* and *Tomodachi Collection*.
-  A message is now shown, if a game is known to be incompatible with nds-bootstrap.

Bug fixes

-  Data cache is now flushed before launching Slot-1 or DSiWare, via Unlaunch.
    This allows launching attempts to always be successful.
-  Acekard theme no longer deletes ROMs, if an error occurs!
-  The Gen 4 Pokemon games no longer launch, when using DSiWarehax, due to an issue related to wireless.
-  You no longer need to manually disable heap shrink for these games:
    -Ben 10 Triple Pack
    -Daikoukai Jidai IV: Rota Nova
    -Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop
    -Tsubasa Chronicle
    -The Wild West
    -Yakitate!! Japan: Game Ichigou: Choujou Kessen!! Pantasic Grand Prix!


Updating from v6.6.0 and later
    Overwrite the _nds folder on the SD root, with the new one from the .7z file.

Download: TWiLight Menu++ v14.0.0

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