uae3DS v0.3 Released

uae3DS v0.3

If you are looking for an Amiga emulator for your 3DS console, the developer badda71 has released a new update of uae3DS in alpha version 0.3.uae3DS is a port of UAE4ALL one of the best emulators existing on windows for Amiga that emulates almost all the features of the Amiga based on the processors of the Motorola 68000 family, including all three generations of custom chipsets: original, ECS and AGA, I / O peripherals such as keyboard, joystick, mouse, HD unit and floppy disk drive and all processors used by the Amigas, up to the Motorola 68060, including the Motorola 68881 and 68882 math coprocessors.

  •     Put your kick.rom file in directory /3ds/uae3DS on your 3DS SD-card. It must be called kick.rom, be a kickstart 1.3 image, and be the 512KB overdumped version.
  •     Install CIA with FBI, run 3dsx from homebrew launcher (put 3dsx file in /3ds/uae3DS dir) or run 3ds from flash card.
  •     Apart from this, a DSP-dump is required for sound to work correctly in the CIA version.
  •     SELECT: open menu
  •     START: Toggle SuperThrottle
  •     Bottom Screen: Virtual Keyboard / Touchpad (tap-to-click, double-tap-to-double-click, tap-and-drag)
  •     A button: joystick fire
  •     B button: joystick UP
  •     R button: joystick autofire
  •     X button / ZL-button / tap touchpad: left mouse button
  •     Y button / L button: right mouse button
  •     CPad, DPad: joystick
  •     CStick up/down: adjust vertical image position
  •     CStick left/right: adjust zoom
Changelog v0.3:
    full mouse pad functionality on bottom screen (tap-to-click, double-tap-to-double-click, tap-and-drag)
    support for key mappings, configurable in menu
    mouse sensitivity configurable in menu
    zoom / adjust vpos with C-stick
    emulation/menu uses full topscreen width
    autofire on R-button
    status bar on bottom screen
Download: uae3DS v0.3

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