Universal Updater v2.4.0 Released

Universal Updater v2.4.0

Universal Updater is the much simpler equivalent to use of MultiUpdater, it also takes up the basics of operation, but more accessible. Unlike the latter, you don't have to create your own configuration, simple scripts can be downloaded with which Luma3DS or NTR can be updated at the press of a button, even on Nightly versions.


Universal-Updater is packed with features! Some include the JSON script updater, an App store, an FTP server, and more!
  •     JSON-based Script updater
  •     JSON Script Downloader
  •     An App Store, the UniStore
  •     A Settings page, for configuring Universal-Updater Settings
  •     An FTP Server
In this new version 2.4, the extraction and installation of CIAs has been accelerated and the two operations now display a progress bar. "GodMode" and "deleteTitle" have been removed due to their dangerous nature and "updateSelf" has been added as an optional boolean, which fixes issues with TWLMenu ++. Finally, the application no longer hangs when the file list is reloaded.

What's new:

    Extraction and installing .cias are now faster and have progress bars as they run
        Larger files are especially improved, on a 75 MB 7z with a 120 MB cia extraction went from 2:56 in the last release to 1:19 in this and installation from 1:03 to 0:56


    Removed "GodMode" and deleteTitle to prevent potential malicious scripts
        Use FBI or System Settings to delete titles
    Changed to new bar and selector graphics
    Changed the color selector menu
    Redesigned the credits and language selection screens
    Make updateSelf an optional boolean
        Should fix TWiLight Menu++ sometimes being booted after installation

Bug fixes:
  •     Fixed crash on reloading the file list

Download: Universal Updater v2.4.0

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