Vita Moonlight v0.8.0 Released

Vita Moonlight v0.8.0

d3m3vilurr has released a new Moonlight life update in version 0.8.0. Moonlight is an open-source version of the nVidia GameStream client, a tool that allows you to broadcast your Steam games (and not only) on a mobile device of your choice. Originally the GameStream system was only available for streaming on nVidia Shield devices, and thanks to the port of d3m3vilurr, we can use it on our PSVita. With Moonlight you can control the GPU, use emulators like Dolphin and PCSX2 but be careful, we recommend having a decent connection and a good GPU for an optimal experience.

  •      A PC with Steam;
  •      An nVidia GPU and the latest GeForce Experience
  •      Henkaku and an FTP program;
  •      A router and a fast network connection
  •      Vita Moonlight;
Changelog v0.8.0
    Add new option for swapping O/X buttons (#168)
    Add new option for drawing FPS value (#167)
    Fix RTSP message too long (#164, fbe3d06)
Download: Vita Moonlight v0.8.0

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