WiiFlow Lite v5.4.4 Released

WiiFlow Lite v5.4.4

Clearly with this confinement the small family rediscovers the consoles, and especially for the youngest, and those who do not have the Switch, the opportunity for us to get or get our hands on the Wiimotes of the good old Nintendo Wii.

Some developers have understood that the Nintendo Wii scene is still active, or at least wishes to keep it alive, and this is the case of Fledge68 which offers its update of WiiFlow Lite. Be careful, it is not done in half measures, the update brings many corrections, the changelog is simply impressive.

As a reminder, this is a Wii USB Loader WiiFlow mod, WiiFlow Lite which is a homebrew wii application used to display and launch your games and applications stored on a USB device or an SD card connected to a Wii or Wii U in Wii mode. Games and applications are displayed in a cover flow type display.

Changelog 5.4.4
Be careful, with this version, you must replace your bins and imgs or wiiflow files can crash. Move or rename these folders to save them in case you need to revert to the previous version.

- Fixed a crash when pressing the 1 / x or 2 / y buttons (change of coverflow layout) when no cover is loaded.
- Correction of the masking of the pending loading animation when using the source menu at startup.
- Correction of the exit of the source menu at startup via button B so that the covers are displayed correctly.
- Fixed launch of GC games via devolution. (if you still use it)
corrected the deletion of wii games so that all wbfs files are deleted.
- Correction of the use of the homebrew icon.png's with transparency as a cover for the smallbox by restoring an old code that I did not understand.
- Fixed a potential problem when using the source selection icon on the main screen without a source menu.
- Addition of "no game found in the folder {roms path}" if wiiflow does not find roms for a plugin. This will let you know where wiiflow and the plugin are looking for roms.
- Spanish and Korean have been updated. Thank you DDinghoya and CrewMdk!

Blackb0x changes:

- Fixed missing caches for real nand channels if you add caches manually and reload the cache.
setting riitag url to use https
- Changes to prevent crash caused by debugging logging when using game cards
- Support for palletized png images
- Optimized wiiflow images and converted all jpg to png because using png images seems to consume less memory
- Covers and banners download faster now
- Added verification of incomplete downloads before saving. Downloads should only fail if your WiFi signal is weak, your Internet connection is poor, or the server is having problems.
- Correction of the video mode fix for PAL games.
- Attempt to repair the caches after having downloaded them. It works better. If the covers do not appear after downloading, it is suggested to restart wiiflow and reload the cache first or switch to the default wiiflow theme, then download the covers and return to the rhapsodii shima theme.

Download: WiiFlow Lite 5.4.4

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