3DSync v0.2.0 - Alpha Released

3DSync v0.2.0

Kyraminol has released a new version of 3DSync, which is a online enabled homebrew application that will upload any save games you've backed up with the CheckPoint Save Game Manager to a DropBox account. Kyraminol made it after requests for a similar app fell on deaf ears.


Download CIA or 3DSX from GitHub releases
Use configurator webpage to generate the config file - https://kyraminol.github.io/3DSync
Backup any games you want with Checkpoint
Copy the config file to /3ds/3DSync/3DSync.ini
Open 3DSync and let it upload your saves!

Changelog v0.2.0 - Alpha
-Added support for JKSM and custom upload paths.
-Use the configurator (https://gianmarcorandazzo.it/3DSync/) to generate the needed configuration file.
Download: 3DSync v0.2.0 - Alpha

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