AutoPlugin II v1.06 Released

AutoPlugin II v1.06

DevDavisNunez has just released AutoPlugin II v1.06, and we must admit that the changes are more numerous than usual. Developed until the end of last year by theheroGAC, Autoplugin was an application running on all hacked PS Vita and which made it easy to install plugins.

Autoplugin II is the continuation of this famous software\homebrew since it was taken over by Team Lua, and this version 1.06 brings important fixes.

Changelog v1.06 :
Lib tai updated.
    Reimplemented the new tai library in all parts of the application.
    Re-implemented plugin manager.
    Added support to update plugins of PSP.
    Now the plugins will be installed in ur0 only.
    If you have a config.txt in some other partition, this will be unified with ur0.
    If you have a config.txt with any fault, such as an error of lowercase and capital letters or lack of parts of the system or absence of it, it will be repaired / written.
Download: AutoPlugin II v1.06

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