Cemu v1.18.2c Released

Cemu v1.18.2c

Here comes the brand new version of Cemu, which is now in v1.18.2c.

Again this version gives pride of place to developments with the Vulkan API, but also the improvement of Amiibo management as well as minor changes and various improvements. Remember for those who do not know that Cemu is the best emulator on PC of the Nintendo Wii U.

Cemu detailed changelog for 1.18.2c
# Patreon release date: 2020-04-24
# Public release date: 2020-05-01

# New in 1.18.2c:

Vulkan: Fixed a bug in the new cache which could lead to Cemu freezing or crashing randomly

# New in 1.18.2b:

Vulkan: The SPIR-V optimization pass is now always enabled (no longer considered experimental)

Vulkan: Added SPIR-V cache to speed up shader loading screen on subsequent runs

Vulkan: Fixed an issue where the wrong image layout (LAYOUT_UNDEFINED) would be provided for operations on 3D textures
        On strict or optimized drivers this could lead to texture data being thrown away (as far as we know, only Nvidia 445.75+ drivers are affected)

# New in 1.18.2:

general: When updating graphic packs Cemu will let the user know if previously enabled graphic packs were removed or renamed
general: Improved robustness of account.dat parser (invalid files could crash Cemu on launch)
general: Updated language files

coreinit: Added MEMFreeToFrmHeap API (# 322)
          Used by Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth (but other issues still prevent it from running)

nn_nfp: Changed behavior of GetNfpRegisterInfo for unregistered Amiibos
        Games that expect Amiibos with a registered owner no longer should display an empty ErrEula message box
nn_nfp: Implemented API GetErrorCode and NFCGetTagInfo

Vulkan: Correctly emulate depth clamping
        This fixes the overly bright backgrounds in some stages of Super Smash Bros for Wii U

Vulkan: Added an overlay notification for when a Vulkan graphics pipeline has to be compiled

Vulkan: Added experimental SPIR-V optimization pass which is applied to all shaders that are compiled during the shader loading screen
        This should reduce pipeline compilation stutter if a shader cache is present. It may also reduce GPU load slightly
        The downside is that the shader loading screen is much slower. But we plan to address this in a future Cemu update
        By default this option is disabled. It can be enabled under Debug -> Experimental
        Also note that this option results in different shaders being generated and consequently triggers new pipeline compilation

input: Remember ip and port for DSU client

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See http://bugs.cemu.info/projects/cemu/

Download: Cemu v1.18.2c

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