CustomBootSplashBMP v2.0 Released

CustomBootSplashBMP v2.0

teakhanirons has released CustomBootSplashBMP, which is a tainHEN plugin that can display a 960x544 24 bit RGB BMP (BMP with no alpha) as custom boot splash on homebrew enabled Sony PlayStation Vita portable video gaming consoles.


Place the plugin to:
Code: [Select]

Place your 960x544 24 bit RGB BMP (BMP with no alpha) as:
Code: [Select]

Look for the line "load os0:kd/clockgen.skprx" in "ur0:tai/boot_config.txt" and add this line one line fore that:
Code: [Select]
- load ur0:tai/custom_boot_splash.skprx

Code: [Select]
- load ur0:tai/custom_boot_splash.skprx

load os0:kd/clockgen.skprx
#load os0:kd/syscon.skprx
#load os0:kd/rtc.skprx

Any pre-made logos I can use?
We will be posting some in this thread as replies but we highly recommend making your own since it's more fun that way.

To Enso 3.65 users:
If a "ur0:tai/boot_config.txt" exists in "vs0:tai" and the plugin doesn't load even if plugin path is written to "ur0:tai/boot_config.txt", please update Enso to the latest version:

Download: CustomBootSplashBMP v2.0

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