DS4Windows v2.1.0 Released

DS4Windows v2.1.0

Ryochan7 has just released DS2Windows v2.1.0, a utility that allows you to use your Dual Shock 4 via the emulation of an Xbox 360 controller.

DS4Windows makes it possible to take advantage of your Dual Shock 4 on your PC, the software indeed makes it possible to serve as an effective interface to configure the device based on a fork of Jays2Kings, project which was here ds4windows.com.

To take advantage of it you will need to connect the micro-USB cable, but it is however possible to take advantage of wireless with some Bluetooth 2.1 or higher adapters.

    Fixed possible sign flip issue with radial output curves
    Fixed NaN problem when radial cap is 0. Fixes output curve coordinate issues on the extreme low end
    Support for various non-standard DS4 gamepads which behave in BT just like USB connected DS4. Contribution made by mika-n
    Made a dedicated updater dialog window
    Added Changelog text to updater window
    Now actively using Newtonsoft Json.NET library
    Added Markdown.XAML library
    Fixed a few networking issues when pulling new version info
    Minor optimization of Controller Readings tab. Moved state copying outside of UI thread
    Updated UDP server to call the semaphore release on socket complete event
    Added German translation files. Changes made by Flo082002
    Added small log message stating whether running as Admin or User. Useful info when dealing with SendInput problems
    Fixed bug with 360 Steering Wheel output. Now two DS4 gamepads can be properly mapped to different VJoy output device axes
Download: DS4Windows v2.1.0

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