Dumpling v1.1.1 Released

Dumpling v1.1.1

emiyl offers his homebrew called Dumpling for the Nintendo Wii U and which is a fork of the FT2SD tool from dimok789.

FT2SD (File Tree 2 SD) is a tool used to dump the SD file tree, this program is used to export several predefined paths directly to your SD card, such as for example the disc content of a game disc content, updates, tickets, slc content, vWii content, mcl ... It was intended as an alternative back then to ddd a few years ago now.

Dumpling is therefore a Wii U file dumper developed with the intention of making the implementation of Cemu faster and easier.
Characteristics :

- File dumps needed for Cemu online play
- You must empty otp.bin and seeprom.bin separately with wiiu-nanddumper
- Removal of the "Friends List" application for use at Cemu
- Create dumps of decrypted game discs without region
- Dumps of digital games, system updates and DLCs or USB storage
- Game backups from system or USB storage
- Dumps of the whole decrypted nand (It can take a long time)

Changelog 1.1.1:
- Support for dumping of certain parts of a security only (faster)
- Haxchi support has been added
- Support for additional controllers has been added
- General menu and improvements to the UI (user interface)
- The account data will now be transferred to the dumpling / account_data directory instead of dumpling / online_files.
- Thanks to GaryOderNichts for the implementation of Haxchi and the support of the controller

Download: Dumpling v1.1.1

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